Where Your Cuban Food Culinary Adventure Begins

Your Cuban Food Spot in Hillsboro / Beaverton Area

Your Quest for Authentic Flavors

You, the flavor explorer, are on a constant journey. You seek authenticity, yearn for rich traditions and hunger for flavors that transport you to different worlds. In a landscape crowded with fusion and fast food, your palate longs for an honest taste, something genuine. This one will take you on a shortcut to the Caribbean.

The Challenge

Navigating the culinary world can sometimes feel overwhelming. The countless dining options often blur together, offering more of the same. The authentic essence of Cuban Food, intertwined with global inflections, remains elusive.

Where can you find a dining experience that’s genuine and unforgettably flavorful?

Your Quest for Authentic Flavors

In Hillsboro, Oregon, a beacon of authenticity was lit in October 2022. Azucar Cuban Cuisine, inspired by the vivacious spirit of the legendary singer Celia Cruz and her signature exclamation “Azúcar!”, is more than just a restaurant. We see ourselves as your Cuban food guides, introducing you to a world where Cuban heritage dances seamlessly with international influences.

Our Promise To YOU

Our mission at Azucar Cuban Cuisine is simple: To guide our guests on a journey that tantalizes the senses and celebrates Cuban heritage. With over 20 years of culinary expertise, and a rich foundation from the esteemed School of Hotel Management and Tourism in Cuba, every dish is a reflection of deep-rooted passion and mastery.

Our Plan For Your Unforgettable Journey

At our Cuban Cuisine in Hillsboro, Oregon

Taste Authenticity: Savor dishes that brim with the soul of Cuba, each crafted with dedication to preserve the authentic flavors.

Experience Fusion: While our heart is Cuban, our spirit is global. Enjoy how European subtleties, especially from Italian, French, and Spanish traditions, accentuate our Cuban food and Caribbean flavors.

Elevate Every Bite: Our homemade sauces, perfected over the years, are not just accompaniments. They’re integral to the experience, adding layers of depth to every dish.

Immerse in Culture: Beyond the plate, we offer tales, traditions, and the vibrant history of Cuba. Each visit promises more than a meal; it’s a narrative.

Our Plan For Your Unforgettable Journe

Embarking on this culinary adventure is easy. Step into Azucar Cuban Cuisine, where every corner, aroma, and flavor note narrates a story. Let us take you through a menu that promises authenticity, innovation, and a symphony of flavors that resonate with the soul of Cuban food.

Envision Your Cuban Food Experience

Imagine a setting where every bite transports you to the Caribbean beaches, where the rhythm of salsa plays in the background, and where the warmth of Cuban culture envelopes you. At Azucar, every dish, from the appetizers to the desserts, carries a legacy, a tradition, and an innovation. It’s a place where the past and present converge, and every meal is a celebration.

Don’t Miss Out

In the vast culinary tapestry, true gems are rare. Azucar Cuban Cuisine is one such gem, waiting to be discovered by discerning diners like you. Settling for anything less than this authentic experience would be a missed opportunity.

Join Us and be the Hero of Your Culinary Tale

Every hero needs a guide, and at Azucar Cuban Cuisine, we’re honored to play that role. As you embark on this gastronomic journey, we promise authenticity, passion, and an unparalleled experience.

Explore some of Our Cuban Food Plates

Awaiting your arrival, ready to serve not just meals, but memories.